Ultra Long Life Batteries

Silicon Dixiode

When compared to any chemistry, these Silicon Dioxide battery boasts the cheapest dollar-per-kilowatt-hour price over its 8-12 year lifespan. It competes with Lithium-Ion in cycling for a third of its price. Silicon Dioxide is also safer, 99% recyclable, and can withstand temperatures as low as -40⁰C/F.

Starting at $405 CAD

Firefly Oasis Batteries

Carbon Foam

This revolutionary battery has the most resilient cycling capabilities than any other deep cycle battery on the market. The patented Microcell carbon foam design resists sulfation and corrosion, making it a more reliable and longer lasting battery than any other lead-acid battery on the market. It's longer lasting, safer, and more reliable than Lithium-Ion batteries for half the price.

Starting at $595 CAD

3-5 Times the Lifespan of Standard Batteries!

A longer lifespan means less replacement, and less cost down the road. When the long lifespans and deep discharge rates are compared to other batteries, you get more usable kilowatts for less money.