12V 70Ah Ultra Long Life Battery

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12V 70Ah recycling-friendly battery with the lifespan and depth of discharge of a Li-Ion for a third of its price.

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Product Description

The Ultra Long Life Battery is comparable to Lithium-Ion in both depth of discharge and cycling capabilities. In fact, the ULL Battery out-competes many similar Li-Ion batteries in longevity even when subjected to the same discharge, temperatures, and partial state of charge abuse.

This means the ULL Battery has a fantastically cheap dollar-per-kWh price over its entire lifetime. Each cent gives users more watts for longer than any other battery type.

The unique chemistry of these batteries resists sulfation for a long lifespan, from 8-12 years depending on use. It’s also lighter weight than many battery types and easier to transport and store, since it can be placed in any side or orientation.

These batteries are up to 99% recyclable and an excellent battery for environmentally-conscious users wanting to minimize the impact of their footprint of their solar array.

The ULL Battery’s effectiveness in extreme temperatures makes it an especially durable and adaptable battery when reliability and survival is vital. It’s especially hardy in cold weather, able to survive -40 C/F, far below the average for any other battery technology on the market.

Additional Information

Battery Type

SiO2 Composite Electrolyte Battery

Nominal Capacity

70 Ah (840 Wh) @ 20 Hour

Nominal Voltage


Max Charge Current


Max Charge Voltage


Internal Resistance

7.5 mΩ

Depth of Discharge

100% DOD

Operational Temperature

-40⁰C to 65⁰C (-40⁰F to 149⁰F)

Self Discharge

< 1.6% per Month

Life Cycle

3400 Cycles at 40% DOD; 1500 Cycles at 80% DOD; 620 Cycles at 100% DOD


6.57 x 13.7 x 6.88" (16.7 x 34.8 x 17.5 cm)


46 lbs (21 kg)


Soneil International Ltd.


2 Years Workmanship

Spec Sheet


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