CM: 150W Briefcase Camping Kit with 15A MPPT CC w/ SAE

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Two hinged and folding solar panels, 150W total, with built-in kickstand and charge controller.

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Product Description

Limited quantity available.

150 Watt Solar panels in a folding briefcase and heavy duty hinges, and clasps. 15A MPPT charge controller and cables to battery are included and store within the folded panels.

The next 150W briefcase sold will also get a bonus carry case! ONE ONLY CASE AVAILABLE

A pair of 75W monocrystalline solar panels for a total of approx. 1.5 kWh power production per day. This pair of briefcase style panels is an extremely portable and easy to set up alternative to a full generator system. Both panels are attached by a hinge to swing open or closed with latches on the side. A handle on top is included so it can be carried like a briefcase. Carry, place, and extend the built-in kickstands for power generation with only a few seconds of set-up time.

A built-in charge controller keeps batteries healthy while recharging so no additional components are necessary. This compact and waterproof 15A charge controller is a high quality MPPT charge controller rated for >99% efficiency and features an improved charging algorithm which supports 12V and 24V. It is compatible with Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion batteries and has a compatible remote control (not included) to view the system log status, which is able to record a week’s worth of monitored system conditions.

See the remote control with LCD screen associated with this charge controller by clicking the link here.

The 150W Briefcase Mini weighs only a fifth of other full-sized portable solar generator systems and is perfect for light to medium power demands. Included with this system is a cable with alligator clips and MC4 connector ends. Clip directly onto a battery to charge it. Keep it in the trunk of a car to recharge the battery when disaster strikes.

– Charge Controller 15A
– 30′ Cable with Alligator Clips and MC4 Connector
– Two Hinged 75W Solar Panels with Briefcase Frame and Built-In Kickstands

Additional Information

Solar Cell Type

Mono-crystalline Solar Cells

Rated Max Power (Pmax)

Each Panel: 75W; Total: 150W

Maximum Power Current (Imp)

4.03 A

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)

18.6 V

Short-Circuit Current (Isc)

4.83 A

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)

22.32 V

Solar Panel Efficiency


Max System Voltage



Folded: 31 x 68 x 7.2 cm (12.2 x 26.8 x 2.8"); Setup, including Kickstand: 136 x 99 x 59.5 cm (53.5 x 40 x 23.4")


13.6 kg (30 lbs)

Operational Temperature

-35⁰C to 65⁰C (-31⁰F to 149⁰F)

Charge Controller, Solar System Voltage

12V / 24V

Charge Controller, Max Charging Current


Charge Controller, Max Load Output

12V 80W; 24V 160W

Charge Controller, Output Current

70mA ~ 5600mA

Charge Controller, Load Output Voltage


Charge Controller, Over-Voltage Protection

17V; ˣ2/24V

Charge Controller, Charging Voltage Limit

15.5V; ˣ2V/24V

Charge Controller, MPPT Tracking Efficiency


Charge Controller, Conversion Efficiency

90% ~ 96%

Charge Controller Protection

IP68 Waterproof


Solar Panels: 10 Years Peak Power, 25 Years Depreciated Power; Charge Controller: 3 Years


Assembly by Azimuth Solar Products

Spec Sheet