200W Mil-Spec Panel

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Single folding, Mil-Spec 200W solar panel


Product Description

One module of 200W panels. These soft, foldable solar panels are super portable and lightweight. These non-glass modules have no risk of shattering and can survive extreme weather conditions and impact. Their reliability and durability under pressure make them an invaluable generator for tactical and emergency situations.

These panels are ballistic-resistant, meaning they can take fire and still function. An average solar panel would shatter and that entire section, if not the whole panel, would cease to generate power from a single puncture.

These panels will continue to supply power even when punctured and produce low glare, making them safer for applications in military bases, airports, and highways. Each panel weighs only 8.5 lbs, making them excellent choices for backpacking or weight sensitive travel. They can be carried like blankets and their backing material is available in digital camoflage, brown, or black.

Panels output power directly through SAE connectors and withstand heat better than glass modules.

Optional Ballistic Armour
These soft panels also come with optional ballistic armour to supply extra protection and extraordinary durability. With ballistic armour, Azimuth systems can both power and protect crucial medical equipment, communications devices, and tools. Provide additional ballistic cover in the field during transport or setup, or position the panels strategically to protect gates, guard stations, airlift locations, and emergency services.

Set up the flexible panels as awnings, shutters, or in doorways to drop down for immediate protection. Panels can be used in tent coverings to protect key personnel and equipment while also supplying power which cannot be compromised. The lightweight panels can be stored in vehicles or carried on personnel for immediate additional protection when shooting starts.

Additional Information

Solar Cell type

Crystalline silicon cell

Rated Max Power (Pmax)


Maximum Power Current (Imp)


Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)


Short-Circuit Current

8.67 A

Open-Circuit Voltage

26.2 V

Module Efficiency



4 diodes embedded in panel; 1 diode in junction box



Dimensions (unfolded)

1378 x 888.2 x 5.1 mm (54.25 x 33.0
x 0.2")

Dimensions (folded)

342.9 x 838.2 x 38.1 mm (13.5 x 33.0
x 1.5")


3.86 kg (8.5 lbs)

Operational Temperature

-40C to 90C (-40F to 194F)

Nominal Operating Cell Temp. (NOCT)

45C +/- 2C

Power Temp. Coefficient (Pmax)

-0.391% /K


MIL-STD-810G; IP67


5 Years Power & Workmanship


SBM Solar Inc.

Spec Sheet


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