245W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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Single 245W poly-crystalline solar panel.

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Product Description

New old stock 245W Solar Panels

  • 60 Cell Solar Panel
  • Module can handle snow loads up to 5400Pa and wind loads up to 2400Pa.
  • High performance under low light conditions. (cloudy days, mornings and evenings)
  • Perfect for residential rooftop and ground-mount commercial installations
  • Power output ranging up to 260Wp
  • 4 mm thick glass for enhanced durability
  • Positive only power output (0~+3%)
  • 30.7Vmp 7.98Imp
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 by Trina Solar
  • Positive only power output (0~+3%)

Panel Dimensions: 64.95 × 39.05 × 1.57 inches
Panel Weight: 43 pounds
Cells Per Module: 60
Frame Material: Clear aluminum
Module Connector: MC4

Electrical Characteristics
System Rating: 245 Watts
Watts (PTC): 222.9 Watts
Max Power Voltage (Vmpp): 30.7 Volts
Max Power Current (Impp): 7.98 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 37.3 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 8.47 Amps
Max System Voltage: 600 Volts
Cell Efficiency: 15.6%
Module Efficiency: 15%

Additional Information

Rated Maximum Power (Pmax)


Current at Pmax (Imp)


Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)



19.5 kg (43 lbs)


165 x 99 x 4 cm (64.95 × 39.05 × 1.57")

Cell Technology

Polycrystalline Silicon


Trina Solar

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