3-in-1 3000W Pure Sine Inverter, AC & Solar MPPT Charge Controller w Switch 48V


3000W Continuous 9000W Peak Pure Sine Wave Inverter / 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller / AC Switch 48V

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Product Description

3-in-1 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter – MPPT Charge Controller and Auto-Transfer Switch 48V

Intelligent Hybrid Solar Inverter

A 3000 Watt Continuous / 9000 Watt Surge Inverter capable of converting DC (Direct Current) power to AC (Alternating Current). Inverters allow off-grid power generated by solar panels to be used with household appliances and electronics.

Professional solution for Off-Grid Solar Systems. Able to work with AC power in from Generator or Grid Tie and DC Power from Solar Panels and Battery Bank.

The inverter features an AC pass-through circuit powering your home appliances from utility or generator power while charging the battery. When utility power failes, the battery backup system keeps your appliances powered until utility power is restored. Internal protection circuits prevent over-discharge of the batteries by shutting down the inverter when a low battery condition occurs. When utility or generator power is restored, the inverter transfer to the AC source and recharges the batteries.

  • Auto switches from utility to generator (with auto starter) to solar input, as available.
  • Can be setup as either UPS Mode (Grid Power First / AC power First) or Solar Inverter Mode (Solar Power First / Battery First)
  • Peak power / Surge power is when a motor starts up and needs a surge of power for a very short time. This inverter has a Peak or Surge Power rating of 9000W.
  • 60A MPPT Charge Controller – 2880 Watts Maximum Solar Input
  • AC/DC Charge current 15A – 45A
  • DC Input Voltage 48V
  • Advanced Microprocessor Control Design
  • Remote control function RJ45 (optional)
  • Cosuper SPS3000-48M
  • Pure sine wave inverters give you clean power that can be used with sensitive electronics like laptops, microwaves, refrigeration, communication equipment and televisions.

    All generators, including solar, naturally create DC power. But any household electronics with plugs to connect to outlets run off AC power and must be converted by an inverter at the appropriate frequency before use with off-grid generated power. AC power is used in utilities because it allows for easier transportation of electricity across the grid, but is less energy efficient as DC power. Inverters are necessary to keep a house or its selective appliances running during blackouts. They are connected to the battery and are tied into your home or businesses electrical service.

    Additional Information

    Continuous Output Power


    Surge Power


    AC Wave Form Output

    Pure Sine Wave

    Max Solar Panel Power

    2880 W

    Solar Charger Type


    DC Input Voltage

    48V DC Nominal

    AC Frequency Output

    60Hz +/-.5%

    AC Voltage Output

    120V / 230V AC



    Auto Switch

    DC to AC
    AC Bypass
    AC Charger
    Solar Charger and UPS


    Low Voltage & high voltage trip, overload protection, short-circuit protection, Low battery alarm, high voltage alarm, overcharge protection shutdown.

    Max input AC Voltage

    150V AC


    25 kg (55 lbs)


    45.5 x 52. x 20.5 cm (17.9 x 20.5 x 8.07")


    18 months manufacturer limited warranty



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