315W Solar Panel Package with 30A Charge Controller, 1000W Pure Sine Inverter, 12V 100Ah SiO2 Batteries, and Accessories


315W Solar Package with Charge Controller, Pure Sine Inverter, SiO2 Batteries, & Accessories.


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315W Solar Panel Package with 30A Charge Controller, 1000W Pure Sine Inverter, 12V 100Ah SiO2 Batteries, and Accessories

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This Solar Package consist of:

  • 1x  315W 60Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module w/ 25mm MC4
  • 1x  MPPT 30A Programmable ML2430N10 Series Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V w/ LCD Display
  • 1x  1000W Continuous 2000W Peak 12V Pure Sine inverter
  • 2x  12V 100Ah EFSN Silicon Dioxide Batteries G27
  • 1x  Battery Cable 8 AWG 6 feet (72″) Black-Black
  • 2x  Battery Cable 2 AWG 1 foot (12″) Black-Black
  • 2x  Battery Cable 2 AWG 1 foot (12″) Red-Red
  • 1x  Battery Cable 8 AWG 6 feet (72″) Red-Red
  • 1x  Solar Cable – Pr (Red/Black) 10 AWG 25 feet (300″) MC4 to Bare Wire
  • 1x  30A MC4 Fuse Holder with 30A Fuse
  • 1x  100A Fuse

315W 60Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module w/ 25mm MC4

For more information on the 315W panel: http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/product/315w-60-cell-solar-panel/

315W 60 Cell Solar Panel

The 315W solar panel has 60 cells. This size is easier to move due to its compact size and weight. This solar module is made using only the highest quality solar cells, designed and manufactured by industry leading suppliers.


  • Power Excellence: The HES-315M-MC module guarantees a positive output tolerance on every module from [ 0 – 5% ].
  • Reliable: 25 Year Linear Performance Guarantee, 10 Year limited warranty on material & workmanship.
  • Efficiency: Advanced processing techniques realize greater module efficiency to a maximum of 18.88%. Steady power output guaranteed

MPPT 30A Programmable ML2430N10 Series Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V w/ LCD Display for AGM, Gel Lithium, SiO2, Carbon Foam and Flooded Batteries

For more information on the ML2430N10 Solar Charge Controller: http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/product/mppt-30a-solar-charge-controller-12v24v-ml2430/

This High-Quality MPPT Charge Controller features a clear display that shows the battery voltage and the Amps into your battery, which is your rate of recharge.
MPPT that converts up to 100 Volts down to 12V or 24V and bumps that amperage way up. This controller works well with 60 and 72 cell panels up to 400W at 12V and 800W at 24V.
Pre-programmed charging profiles, including Lithium, AGM, Gel, Flooded Lead Acid PLUS the ability to program all settings for non-standard batteries like Carbon Foam and Silicon Dioxide.
Has a temperature sensor, so it can automatically adjust settings based on the temperature.
There is a remote meter available as well, so you can look up and adjust all your settings from inside at your convenience.

  • Raises the charging efficiency by 15% to 20% compared with the conventional PWM method.
  • Boasts an optimum MPPT tracking efficiency of up to 99.9%
  • Maximum solar panel open circuit voltage <100V
  • Max. photovoltaic system input power 400W 12V; 800W 24V
  • compatible with lead-acid, gel, silicon dioxide, carbon foam or lithium-ion batteries
  • large array of protection measures, such as overheat, reverse polarity, short circuit and overload.
  • Automatically adjusts charging current down to the rated level if the solar panel power exceeds the rated charging current
  • Auto recognition of battery voltage.
  • LED fault indicators and LCD screen that displays abnormality information.
  • Historical data storage function for up to a year of data.
  • Features temperature compensation function , the controller can automatically adjust charging and discharging parameters to extend the batteries’ service life.
  • operating temperatures -35°C to +45℃
  • Includes a system log status able to record a week’s worth of monitored system conditions, and a compatible remote monitor can be used to not only set parameters, but view status and historical data.


1000W Continuous 2000W Peak 12V Pure Sine inverter KI-SW1012

For more information on the KI-SW1012: http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/product/12v-inverter-1000w-kisae/

SW20 Pure Sine inverter

The 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a high-quality solar accessory that is perfect for off-grid systems, including cabins and tiny homes. A power inverter is an electrical device that transforms the DC power stored in batteries into standard household AC power for consumer electronic needs. The pure sine wave inverter produces cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more reliable electricity to operate tools, fans, lights, and other electronics without interference.

Converts 12V battery power to AC (household) power, ideal for running audio/video applications flawlessly while away in your car, truck, boat or RV; and ensures motor loads run at optimal efficiency at your remote home or cabin.

Engineered around a super structure of new-generation Pure sine wave output components, high-performance throughput circuitry and optimized power flow inversion to deliver leading-edge performance across the board.


12V 100Ah EFSN Silicon Dioxide SiO2 Batteries G27

For more information on the 12V 100Ah SiO2 Battery: http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/product/12v-100ah-sio2-battery/

12V 100Ah SiO2 Battery

The Silicon Dioxide battery is a high performance battery comparable to Lithium-Ion in both depth of discharge and cycling capabilities for a third of its price. It even out-competes many similar Li-Ion batteries in longevity when subjected to the same discharge, temperatures, and partial state of charge abuse.

  • Suitable for tough weather conditions with stable performance under extreme cold (down to -40C) or dry heat (up to 65 degrees Celsius)
  • Closest size is the G27 90Ah Battery
  • 2 years Warranty
  • 24-month shelf life without needing to refresh the battery
  • No Sulphation
  • 8-12 year service life, based on up to 30-50% daily discharge
  • Long lasting up to five times longer than AGM batteries at 50% DoD (depth of discharge)
  • Full recovery after a deep discharge
  • High cycle life – 2800 Cycles at 50% DoD
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to transport by air
  • No leakage and very low gassing compared to Lead Acid Batteries
  • 99% Recyclable
  • Huge range of sizes to fit every application, from scooters, wheelchairs, lifts and uninterruptable power supply systems to RVs, campers, fishing boats to large solar energy storage banks.

Battery Cables

For more information: http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/product/battery-cable-pair-w-lugs-shrink/

PAIR 4 AWG 8" Battery cableBattery cables made from real copper with ring terminal type copper compression cable lugs and shrink-wraps

This battery cable can be used to connect battery banks or cells for products like backup grids, RV hookups, golf carts, emergency systems, solar-powered devices and more..

This cable is made with high quality UV resistant cable covering and is flexible enough to accommodate the amount of space you need without causing much wear and tear on the cable’s outer shell and wires.


Solar Cable 10AWG 25ft (300″) MC4 to bare wire ends

For more information: http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/product/cable-mc4-bare-wire-ends/

This cable can be used for connecting the solar panel to the charge controller.

The bare wire end can be used to splice with your own connections or crimped for use with charge controllers, inverters, and other power management devices that require bare wires.
These cables can be used to connect MC4 compatible solar panels to charge controllers and inverters at whatever length you need.


30A MC4 Waterproof In-Line Fuse Holder with 30A Fuse

For more information: http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/product/30a-mc4-waterproof-line-fuse-holder-w-fuse/

MC4 30A Fuse HolderThis MC4 fuse holder is designed for the use of Solar PV system between the solar panel and the inverter or the controller box.

  • It is UV resistance and can be working (in the open) for approximately 25 years.
  • The fuse holder is compatible with PVC cables with different insulation diameters
  • Auto-locking on male and female points render connections
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Waterproof  with IP67 
  • High current-carrying capacity

100A Fuse

  • Used between the inverter and batteries