48V 6000W Inverter and AC Charger

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Combination 6000W pure sine wave inverter and AC charger.

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Product Description

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This combination pure sine wave inverter and AC charger is a heavy duty component to effectively manage power between your batteries, DC power, and utilities. It can handle 6000 Watts of pure sine wave inverted power output to keep your AC appliances running when utilities aren’t available.

When used in an emergency power backup system, the AC charger can draw power from your utilities to recharge batteries, and then convert that energy back into usable AC electricity when the power goes out.
Get as much power possible with up to 87% efficiency and advanced microprocessor control. This device has a built-in AC bypass relay with UPS function so it can work as a key part of any residential power system with solar, backup, or generating systems.

AC charger features has a 4-stage charge mode and includes a built-in LCD display. An optional LCD remote screen not included with this item allows users to remotely view the system overview and details for the 6000W inverter, including output AC and frequency settings, output load’s percentage use of maximum watts, and more.

Click here to view the compatible LCD remote screen compatible with this inverter/AC charger.

Additional Information

Output Power


Surge Power


Output Voltage

100/110/120VAC±5%, 220/230/240VAC±3%, 120-N-120/240VAC±3% Split Phase

Output Frequency

50/60Hz ±0.5%

Output Waveform

True Sine Wave (THD<3%)

Power Factor


Output Overload/Short

Shutdown Input Voltage, Restart to Recovery


110VAC: 85%; 220 VAC: 87%

DC Input Voltage


Voltage Range


Input Under-Voltage Protection

20.0±0.5VDC, 40.0±1.0VDC

Input Under-Voltage Alarm

21.0±0.5VDC, 42.0±1.0VDC

Input Over-Voltage Protection

31.0±0.5VDC, 62.0±1.0VDC

Power Saving Mode


DC Input Reverse Polarity

By Fuse

Operating Temp.

-20 to 50⁰C (-4 to 122⁰F)

Working Humidity


Storage Temp.

-30 to 70⁰C (-22 to 158⁰F)

AC Input Voltage


DC Output Voltage

Fast (28.0-30.2V), Float (26.6-27.6V) (*2 for 48VDC)

Overcharge Protection

31.4VDC (*2 for 48VDC)

Charge Current


Transfer Time

<8 ms

Input Volt. Waveform

Utility AC or Generator (Sine Wave)

Max Bypass Current


Over Temperature

Heat Sink Temperature Over 60⁰C ± 5⁰C, Shutdown Output Voltage, Recover Automatically After Heat Sink Temperature Goes Down to 60⁰C ± 5⁰C


Automatically Controlled Cooling Fan


UL458, LVD (EN60950)


FCC Part15 Class A, CE (EN55022:2006+A1:2007)

Dry Contact Terminal

By Relay

Network Function

Stand-alone or TCP/IP Optional

Remote Control (Optional)



45 kg (101 lbs)


65 x 25 x 18.5 cm (25.5 x 9.8 x 7.2")


18 Months Limited Warranty

Spec Sheet


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