48V AIR 40kWh Wind Turbine Primus Wind Power

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48V Air 40 Wind Turbine Primus Wind Power

Product Description

48V AIR 40kWh Wind Turbine

The proven choice for remote energy

AIR 40 is the premier micro-wind turbine for land-based applications. It operates efficiently across a wide-range of wind speeds, providing energy for telecom, water pumping, lighting, SCADA, off-grid homes, or other low energy demand battery charging applications. The AIR 40 is ideal for pairing with solar to offset seasonal variation, delivering more consistent energy.

  •  Advanced microprocessor technology for superior performance and high wind protection without mechanical braking.
  • Blades designed for quieter operation, durability and optimum energy capture in most wind speeds.
  • Lightweight design is simple and easy-to-install; integrated controller for plug-and-play operation.
  • Pair with solar PV for redundant energy production year-round.
  • Produces 40 kWh of energy per month generating energy in a wide range of wind speeds.

Additional Information


Approx. 40 kWh/mo at 5.8 m/s (13mph)

Swept Area

1.07 m2 (11.5 ft2)

Rotor Diameter

1.17 m (46 in)


5.9 kg (13 lb)

Startup Wind Speed

3.1 m/s (7 mph)


48 VDC

Turbine Controller

Microprocessor-based smart controller


Permanent mold cast aluminum


3 injection-molded composite


Permanent magnet brushless

Overspeed Protection

Electronic Torque Control

Survival Wind Speed

49.2 m/s (110mph)


1.5 in schedule 40 pipe 48 mm (1.9 in) outer diameter

Wind Speed Operating Range

3.1-22 m/s (7-49mph)

Optimum Wind Speed

4.5-22 m/s (10-49 mph)


Specification Sheet

CSA Certification of Compliance