Amphenol Bayonet Receptacle, 22-2

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3-pin 22-2 Amphenol Bayonet receptacle


A single 3-pin Amphenol Bayonet socket in 22-2 insert arrangement. The receptacle includes a dust cap with chain attachment and watertight rear pigtail connection. Back of the receptacle connects with standard 2-pin SAE connectors. This socket meets MIL-DTL-5015 specifications and connects to US/NATO Military DC Power Packs.

This socket can be mounted to the output panel on ASP solar generator systems located on the A-2 Mount. Attaching the socket directly onto the ASP frame and support systems adds Amphenol Bayonet 22-2 connectors plug & play convenience to the solar generator setup.

Amphenol Bayonet connectors are widely used in aerospace, ground support, shipboard, and other defense and industrial applications. These especially rugged power connections have excellent durability, resistance, and weather and water protection. Fast positive coupling and secure attachment make Amphenol Bayonet connectors reliable and powerful connector options.

ASP 300 and ASP 360 systems include a spare socket space on the output panel where this socket may be easily installed with SAE connection to the charge controller.

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Input Connector

Standard 2-pin SAE Connector

Output Connector

3-pin Amphenol Bayonet Connector with 22-2 insert arrangement, female




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