ASP 2000 Silent Generator Portable Charging Centre 1885Wh 2000W AC Surge

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Portable power station with battery, AC & DC output, and solar & AC charging.

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Product Description

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The ASP 2000 Silent Generator is a mobile high-power portable charging unit that allows you to plug-in and power equipment on the go. Equipped with light-duty trolley wheels and an extending handle, you can roll this complete power station wherever your journeys take you.

Charge quickly (5-6 hours) using the included 10A AC charger (20A max charge current) or using up to 540W of solar power (not included).

Click here to see how easy it is to setup the ASP 3000 silent generator

This convenient power station includes not only a high-quality lithium-ion battery, but a built-in pure sine wave inverter with AC power outlets and multiple types of DC outlet ports. Easily store use power wherever you want, however you want.

Excellent for recreational, light-duty commercial, or home emergency back up storage!

    • 25.9V 72.8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (1885 Watt Hours Power Storage)
    • Pure Sine Inverter 1200W Continuous Rated Power & 2000W Surge Power
    • 540W Max Solar Input at 36V
    • 1000 Cycles at 70% D.O.D.
    • -20° to 60°C Working Temperature
    • only 44 lbs / 22 kg
    • Built-in AC & DC Charging
    • 2 AC outlets, 2 USB, 1 12V 15A Car lighter socket

Add two or four 100W glass or flexible solar panels on a rooftop or frame for 36V solar charging

Check out this chart to see which power bank is right for you!

For a Completely Portable System, Add One to Two 210W Folding Solar Panels for a system you can Take Anywhere!

“The power went out and our office modem, POS system, cordless phone and computer went down also. The Internet line was still functional, but we didn’t have power for the modem and switches. I quickly put the Q2000 in place, ran some extension cords to my vital equipment and was able to keep operating my business and answering the phones and using the computer and internet until the power came back on 4 hours later. This was a lifesaver!” says Amy Fairman, Ethel Street Massage Therapy.

Lower cost per kWh than Goal Zero Yeti, Renogy Lycan, and Inergy Kodiak

This unit comes with a 2′ aircraft connector to MC4 solar input cable. Optionally, add a 30′ extension cable for hooking up your power bank to your solar panels.

Solar charging kits in 420 Watt (including connection cables) is available. The kits include 2 of the folding solar panels as shown in the video above. Please choose the add on kits at checkout.

*Note this product ships ground freight only because of the li-ion batteries.

Additional Information

Battery Storage

25.9V 72.8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (1885 Watt Hours Power Storage)

Pure Sine Wave Output

1200W Continuous Rated Power & 2000W Surge Power

Max Solar Input

540W at 36V

Charge Controller

Integrated MPPT 15A

AC Charger

Included 10A

Output ports

AC outlets, 2 USB, 1 12V 15A Car port


44 lbs / 22 kg * has rolling cart for transport


41 x 25 x 27 cm (16.1 x 9.8 x 10.6")

Battery Type

Lithium-Ion (18650-16P7S)

Cycle Life

1000 Cycles at 70% DoD

Operational Temperature

-20̊C to 60̊C
(-4̊F – 140̊F)


45% – 85% RH

DC Input Max (from wall charger)

29.4V 15A 440W (plug in charger)

Inverter Efficiency



Over Voltage, Overcharge, Over Discharge, Over Temperature, Overload and Short Circuit


18 Months Manufacturer Workmanship Warranty. see our policies page.

Power Bank Specifications Comparison


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