ASP 360 Post Mount Complete Solar Generator System

Complete 360W post-mountable solar generator system on 2-axis rotating frame


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This semi-permanent mounting system for solar panels is designed to be mounted on posts of up to 4 inches (101 mm) in diameter. Unlike permanent panel mount installations on rooftops, this entire system can be easily dismounted and taken indoors to prevent theft or damage in extreme weather.

Most post or roof mounted solar arrays are stationary and do not allow for easy re-positioning of solar panels. The Universal solar mount frame can rotate 360 degrees and can tilt for 2-axis movement. Users can easily follow the sun and position for just the right angle to maximize their output throughout the seasons or time of day.

This allows for seasonal or long-term mounting for cabins, aid/military/remote camps, and tiny homes. It is also suitable for tropical locations where the panels can be taken down for hurricanes or tropical storms and reinstalled quickly after the storm has passed. This system is also ideal for mobile homes and RVs, where they can be taken inside during travel. The system can be set back up in minutes with no tools or hassle.

The ASP 360 Post Mount Complete Solar Generator System includes four 90W panels for a total output of 360 Watts. It can recharge deep cycle batteries in a single day and can provide enough power with one day’s charge to run approx. 3.6 kWh worth of load.

This complete system also includes all of the power management components necessary to start generating, storing, and using power right away. Package includes two Firefly Oasis 12V 100Ah G31 batteries with revolutionary Carbon Foam technology, the Off-Grid 800W Mini Pure Sine Inverter/Charge Controller, and a longer 25’ SAE connector cable.

Additional information

Rated Power (Pmax)

360 Watts (4 x 90W panels)

Normal Operating Voltage

12V / 24V DC

Solar Panel Manufacturer

GMA Solar (Canada)

Solar Cells

Monocrystalline 36 cell (156 x 117 mm)


2 Bypass Diods per panel (8 total)

Panel Construction

3.2 mm Low-Iron, Tempered Glass, Fluoropolymer coating / PET / Polyolefin

Panel Frame

Anodized Aluminum

Folded Panel Measurements

35.03 x 26.18 x 2.74" (890 x 665 x 70 mm) Each Pair

Panels on Frame Dimensions

70.06 x 52.36 x 1.37" (1780 x 1330 x 35 mm)

Temperature Cycling Range

-40 C – + 85 C

Humidity Freeze (damp heat)

0 – 100% Relative Humidity

Mechanical Load (wind, hail and snow rated)

50psf, 245kg/m2, 2400Pa, 0.34psi, front and back

Ground Securing Included

3×18" Military Ground Stakes; Optional High Performance ASP Anchor Kit

Power Connections

Standard MC4 solar panel connector input; SAE 2-pin connector output with 10' cable and 12V, 20A power socket output

Axes of Movement

360 degree lockable rotation; 7 position vertical tilt from 0 degrees to 75 degrees

System Weight

Pillar: 3.17 kg (7 lbs); Panels: 8 kg (17.6 lbs) x 4; A-2 Mount and Frame: 12.64 kg (27.8 lbs); Total Weight: 47.81 kg (105.4 lbs)


1 Year, 25 Year Power

Pillar Inner Diameter

4.026" (10.82 cm)

Threaded Holes with Screws

6 (3 Top, 3 Bottom)


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