ASP M400 Tactical Complete Tripod Solar Generator

Complete tactical portable solar generator with 4.0kW daily output

Product Description

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A complete portable solar generator system ready for off-grid or backup use with no other components. Includes solar panels, tripod frame and panel mount system, on-board electronics, one 100 Ah Lithium-Ion battery in a waterproof case, and a 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Easily sets up anywhere for use with AC or DC electronics.

Practical Power
The ASP M400 Tactical is a military-optimized micro-grid system that provides dependable power in any situation. Most portable solar systems have multi-day charge cycles or are designed for small devices and loads. Our systems will recharge large, deep-cycle battery packs in less than a day and can be expanded for additional power. This system can power appliances, tools, communications and medical devices in remote areas or during disaster and recovery.

Azimuth’s solar power generators are constructed of stainless steel and powder-coated 6105-T5 aluminum. The tripod is designed for an over 3000 lb load and the entire frame set has an optional MIL-PRF CARC powder coating to provide chemical agent resistance and a non-detectable infrared signature. The ASP M400 Tactical is a rugged system reliable in extreme conditions from arctic to desert, and the Mil-Spec panels will continue to generate power even while taking damage or gunfire.

Protect and Empower
The soft panels also come with optional ballistic armour to supply extra protection and extraordinary durability. With ballistic armour Azimuth systems can both power and protect crucial medical equipment, communications devices, and tools. Provide additional ballistic cover in the field during transport or setup, or position the panels strategically to protect gates, guard stations, airlift locations, and emergency services.


– ASP Heavy Load Tripod & Pillar Assembly
– ASP A-2 Mount 2-axis frame to hold solar panels
– 12V / 24V MPPT IP54 Multi-battery Charge Controller
– Standard MC4 solar panel connector input
– SAE flat 2-pin trailer connector output with 10′ cable and 12V / 24V 20A power socket output.
– 2 Hinged pairs of 75W solar panels (4 panels total)
– Pelican 1780 Rolling Case, waterproof and shock-proof
– 3 x 18” military ground stakes
– Connection knobs and brackets for tool-free assembly
– 12V 100Ah Lithium-Ion Battery in Waterproof Case
– 1500W Pure Sine Inverter


Additional Information

Rated Power (Pmax)

400 Watts (2 x 200W composite panels)

Normal Operating Voltage

12V / 24V DC

Solar Panel Manufacturer

SBM Solar (USA)

Solar Cells

Monocrystalline 40 cells (Sunpower Maxeon Cell)


4 Diodes embedded in panel, 1 Diode in junction box (5 Diodes per panel)

Panel Construction

Ballistic-Resistant, Anti-Glare, Anti-static Composite-Reinforced, Silicone-Coated Fabric

Panel Frame

No Frame (Webbing reinforced Mil-Spec 810G Stainless Grommets)

Folded Panel Measurements

33 x 13.5 x 1.5" (838 x 343 x 38 mm) each panel

Panels on Frame Dimensions

66 x 54.25 x .2" (1676 x 1378 x 5 mm)

Temperature Cycling Range

-40 C – +90 C

Humidity Freeze (damp heat)

0 – 100% Relative Humidity

Mechanical Load (wind, hail and snow rated)

Ballistic-resistant Standard Panel; Optional: Angel Armour Bulletproof Protection

Ground Securing Included

3×18" Military Ground Stakes; Optional High Performance ASP Anchor Kit

Power Connections

SAE connections from panels

Axes of Movement

360 degree lockable rotation; 7 position vertical tilt from 0 degrees to 75 degrees

Tripod Structure Material

Tripod Feet and Head: Stainless Steel; Telescoping Legs: Powder-coated Aircraft Aluminum

Assembled Height

Legs Retracted: 82" (2082.8 mm); Legs Extended: 98.7" (2506.98 mm)

Ground Footprint

Legs Retracted: 62" (1575 mm) diameter; Legs Extended: 93" (2362 mm) diameter

System Weight

Tripod & Pillar: 29.5 lbs; 2-Axis Frame with Electronics: 40 lbs; Panels: 8.5 lbs x 2; Total weight: 86.5 lbs


Tripod, Frame, and Mount System: 1 Year Workmanship; Solar Panels: 5 Years Power & Workmanship

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