Cable Entry Plate


A cable entry plate for rooftop solar panel mounting

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Product Description

A cable entry plate for rooftop installation ideal for RVs and trailers. This plate features pre-installed waterproof MC4 cable glands and a supporting cradle to prevent damage to expansion branch connectors with end holes to provide strain relief.

Usual rooftop solar panel installations restrict cable entry to refrigerator vents. This item allows cables to run as cleanly and closely as possible into batteries inside the RV to minimize energy loss. Flexible installation also allows for solar panel arrays to be installed on the most effective areas of the roof.

The UV-resistant polycarbonate material resists cracking even on impact or low temperatures. Suitable for 10 gauge MC4 style cables. Cable glands tightened to correct torque. Vibration resistant design.

Additional Information


3.76 x 6.76 x 1.58" (9.55 x 17.77 x 4.01 cm)

Temperature range

-40°F to 170°F (-40°C to 80°C)


UV-resistant polycarbonate

Cable support

10 gauge MC4 style solar cables


IP68 rated

Spec Sheet


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