CM: Adventurer Kit #3 – 30W Panel, 266W Power Bank, Accessories

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Ultimate Adventure kit: 30W folding solar panel, 266W li-ion Power bank, LED light, AC/DC 150W inverter

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Product Description

The ultimate adventure kit is just that – everything you need to keep your devices powered when you are on the move!

Includes: 30W folding lightweight solar panel, 266W power bank, LED light, 150W AC/DC inverter and accessory plugs and cables.

The power bank stores enough energy and has enough voltage to charge your laptop over 4 times or your cell phone 25 times! Use it to run your 12V devices with the cigar lighter socket. This compact unit incorporates the added features of a flashlight and emergency light. Keep it in the car, when you aren’t packing it in your backpack!
The 30W solar panel is paired with the power bank to deliver the right amount of Amps when you need it. Recharge in the back country and stay off the grid indefinitely. This solar panel is a tiny powerhouse – small enough to put in your backpack but large enough to be useful and not decorative. Travels well with a built in case and storage pouch. As shown.
Bonus accessories:

  • 12V 150W inverter for small appliances that need AC power to function – Home Travel Car Charger Power Inverter For 3 pin Socket 110V 150W AC And USB 5V And 500mA DC
  • 40W LED light for your campsite.
  • This kit is perfect for backpacking, camping, adventure tourism, mobile worksites, field researchers, prospectors, hunters, ATVers, travelling salespeople, bloggers, journalists, drone operators, photographers, boondockers, hikers, Search and Rescue groups, tree planters, guides, rangers.
    Keep your cameras, tablet, GPS and cell / satellite phone charged wherever you are.

    Power bank:
    Put power at your fingertips with the highly portable 12V 266Wh (72,000mAh) Laptop Power Bank! Sleek all black design with textured hand grips, LED power meter, LED voltage indicators, and LED Light at the back. Charge your laptop, cell phone, tablet, digital camera and any device that uses a USB or 12V Cigar Lighter charge connection. Recharge your power bank via one of our compact solar panel kits, or the included AC Charger.
    This power pack also includes a flashlight and emergency warning light. Keep it in your car to recharge all your devices when you are on the road, traveling or going camping. If an emergency happens, you won’t be left in the dark!
    Has enough power stored to charge your cell phone 25 times or your laptop 4 times without recharging!
    Use it to run these 12V devices:
    • Car refrigerator / freezer / cooler
    • inflator pump
    • outdoor camping light
    • fishing light
    • hunting light
    • electric fan
    • fishing electric reels
    • GPS systems
    • Satellite communications
    • Travel coffee maker
    • 12V heated blanket
    • other devices under 150W
    1 x 15V Input
    1 x 5V 2.4A USB Output
    1 x 5V 2.1A USB Output
    1 x Laptop Output (with adjustable Voltage 12V, 16V, 19V, or 21V)
    1 x 12V Cigar Lighter Output for devices under 150W
    Accessories Included
    1 x AC Charger
    1 x DC to DC Connection Cord
    1 x Laptop Connector End Kit
    1 x Padded Protective Case with Velcro Closure and Pouch

    Laptop not included.

    Note: powerbank must be charged at 2A so max solar input is 30W or use the provided AC charger.

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