Camping Kit – 150W Folding Briefcase System w SAE, 15A CC, and Battery

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Camping Kit with 150W Briefcase System, SAE Panel Mount, 15A MPPT CC w/ SAE, and 100Ah ULL Battery.

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Product Description

Camping Kit for RVs, tenting, boondocking, mobile work sites, anywhere portable solar is needed.

Includes: 150 Watt Lightweight Folding Briefcase Solar Panel System with case, kickstands, travel pouch, SAE 2 pin quick release connections, Upgraded 15A MPPT programmable WATERPROOF charge controller and extreme weather 100Ah Silicon Dioxide Ultra Long Life Deep-cycle battery!

Note: all components may be purchased separately on this site, this pricing is for a package deal.

150W Folding Solar Briefcase – Super lightweight at less than 10 lbs for 150 Watts of POWER!
Portable and easy to setup Solar briefcase generator
size is 56 x 21 x 2″ (142*53 cm),folding size (18 x 21 x 1″ (46*53 cm).
Includes cables with 2 pin SAE quick connects & alligator connectors to the battery
Storage pocket for charge controller
Includes secure straps to hold panels in place for storage.
Comes with carry bag for solar panels and accessories.
IP65 Enclosure – IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle.
Three 50W monocrystalline solar panels for 150 Watts and almost 1Kbh of power production per day. The three lightweight solar blankets fold into a single small square. When folded out the panels can be attached to any surface with the corner grommets. Or can be setup with the included adjustable support kickstand.

  • This trio of briefcase style panels is an extremely portable and easy to set up alternative to a full generator system. Panels are attached by a hinge to swing open or closed with latches on the side. A handle on top of the carry bag is included so it can be carried like a briefcase. Carry, place, and extend the built-in kickstands for power generation with only a few seconds of set-up time.
  • The actual panels weigh less than 7 lbs + 3 lbs for the accessories (alligator battery clips, SAE quick-release 2-pin connector cables, kickstands) and carry case brings in the entire assembly at less than 10 lbs (4.5 kg)!
  • The 150W Briefcase Mini weighs only a fifth of other full-sized portable solar generator systems and is perfect for light to medium power demands. Clip directly onto a battery to charge it.
  • Best for all types of recreational use. Keep it in the trunk of a car to recharge the battery when disaster strikes.
  • 15A MPPT Waterproof, Programmable Charge Controller, with SAE 2 pin quick connect/disconnect cables.
    Waterproof, MPPT, Programmable with SAE Connections & Up to 12V 200W/24V 400W Photovoltaic Input
    This compact 15A charge controller is a high quality MPPT charge controller rated for >99% efficiency and features an improved charging algorithm which supports 12V and 24V. It has a solar panel input capacity of 12V 200W or 24V 400W.

  • Features True MPPT Functions, significantly improving the solar panel’s energy utilization ratio (efficiency)
  • 15A maximum charging and load currents
  • Maximum solar panel open circuit voltage <60V
  • For lights: Supports a 0-10V dimming function, that can auto dim based on battery capacity remaining.
  • Auxilliary is always on, but can be programmed on a timer for streetlights, using the optional remote.
  • IP68 outdoors rated, waterproof system and durable metal casing for comprehensive protection against weather
  • compatable with lead-acid, gel, silicon dioxide, carbon foam or lithium-ion batteries (when programmed with the optional remote)
  • large array of protection measures, such as overheat, reverse polarity, short circuit and overload.
  • operating temperatures -35C – +65C
  • 100Ah Ultra Long Life Silicon Dioxide Battery:

  • Suitable for tough weather conditions with stable performance under extreme cold (down to -40C) or dry heat (up to 65 degrees Celsius)
  • 2 years Warranty
  • 12-month shelf life without needing to refresh the battery
  • No Sulphation
  • 8-12 years of battery life
  • Full recovery after a deep discharge
  • High cycle life – 2800 Cycles at 50% DoD
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to transport by air
  • No leakage and very low gassing compared to Lead Acid Batteries
  • 99% Recyclable
  • The Ultra Long Life Battery is a high performance battery comparable to Lithium-Ion in both depth of discharge and cycling capabilities for a third of its price. It even out-competes many similar Li-Ion batteries in longevity when subjected to the same discharge, temperatures, and partial state of charge abuse.

    This means the ULL Battery boasts a fantastically low cost per Kilowatt-Hour over its entire lifetime. Each cent gives users more watts for longer to provide the best long-term solution with short-term costs. It even has a longer shelf life, only discharging less than 1.6% of its power over a month.

    The Ultra Long Life battery lasts 10-15 years, depending on use, thanks to its unique chemistry. The pH neutral electrolyte prevents sulphation and does not corrode the internal components.

  • Cold Weather Champion
  • The ULL Battery’s effectiveness in extreme temperatures stands out against all competition. The cold-resistant technology was developed for use in machinery up North and performs far better than any other battery technology on the market.

    These batteries provide 40% more power than lead-acid battery at temperatures as low as -40 °C/F.

  • Safer, Easier, and Greener
  • The Ultra Long Life battery is lighter weight than other types of Lead-Acid batteries and is easier to transport and install since it can be placed on any side or orientation.

    These batteries are up to 99% recyclable and an excellent battery for environmentally-conscious users wanting to minimize the carbon footprint of their solar array.

    These deep cycle batteries require no maintenance and are non-gassing. This makes them safer in high temperatures or remote battery banks and backup power storage. It is safe for air travel and can be used as marine batteries.

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    Spec Sheet ULL 100 compressed

    SRNE MPL2415 specifications

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