RV Kit – Lightweight Folding 210W Solar Generator Kit

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Super lightweight for a Huge 210 Watts of POWER! Kit includes folding solar panels, panel mount SAE cable for quick connection and AC Charger / 1000W AC pure sine inverter / Charge controller and cables.

Great for RV, Cabin, Trailers, Camping!

1000W Pure Sine Inverter / Charge Controller / AC Charger:
This 3-in-1 inverter, charger and charge controller combination is perfect for compact off-grid plug & play. It includes three different types of AC and DC output ports for directly powering devices and appliances. It also manages power to effectively and safely charge batteries from DC sources like solar panels, or can charge batteries as an AC charger through utility power.

Includes a display with a DC on/off switch, two USB 5V out ports, and four DC 12V out ports. Two universal outlet sockets can be used to plug in household appliances exactly like power outlets in a home. The Off-Grid 1000W Mini creates pure sine waves for the most reliable AC power possible.

All generators, including solar, naturally create DC power. But any household electronics with plugs to connect to outlets run off AC power and must be converted by an inverter at the appropriate frequency before use with off-grid generated power. The Off-Grid Mini is an excellent solution for drawing power out of a battery to keep your crucial electronics running in a blackout. Take it camping or adventuring to keep the comfort of any of your household electronics wherever you roam.

This compact system works excellently in the field where limiting equipment is a necessity. It can be mounted onto our 2-axis solar panel mounting frame systems to create a convenient plug-and-play system from any solar panels.

DC input connects by positive and negative power terminals. The 1000W power rating indicates the maximum load requirements the inverter can meet, and is cumulative of all electronics drawing power from the inverter.

210W Lightweight Folding Solar Panel:

  • Portable and easy to setup with corner grommets.
  • size is 61x31x.1″ (155x78x.3cm)´╝îfolding size (15.75x31x.6″ (40x78x1.5 cm).
  • Includes 1.5 Meter / 5′ cable and MC4 connectors
  • Not including charge controller.
  • ETFE Coating for maximum durability
  • Carry straps and handle for easy transport.
  • Four 52.5?X panels (3×6 array of cells in each panel) monocrystalline solar panels for 210 Watts and well over 1kbh of power production per day. The four lightweight solar blanket panels fold into a single small rectangle. When folded out the panels can be attached to any surface with the corner grommets. Or can be setup with the included adjustable support kickstand.
    This solar panel system is an extremely portable and easy to set up alternative to a full generator system.

    SAE Panel Mount Connector

    Through the wall panel 2 pin SAE panel mount – this handy connector goes through the wall of your boler / trailer/ airstream / camper / rv and cables to the inverter/charger controller. On the outside, quick connect your solar panels to the SAE panel mount connector and you will be set up and ready to generate power in 5 minutes!

    Inverter includes alligator clips to connect to your batteries (not included). Solar panels include cable to SAE 2 pin connection.

    Best for all types of recreational, portable industrial and remote worksite use.

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