DIY Portable Power Pack Kit

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Kit with receptacles, cables, terminals, and components for adding a power interface system to any battery



The DIY Portable Power Pack Kit is everything necessary to build a portable power management system out of your own batteries or cases. Or buy a complete Kit with one of three powerful batteries which fit inside the tough Tsunami case.

The Tsunami hard case is shock-proof, crush-proof, and water-proof. The pressure-resistant design can even survive the intense weights before cracking. It can fit batteries up to 43.3 x 33 x 33 cm (16.9 x 13 x 13″).

Learn more about the Firefly Oasis 12V G31 battery here.

The Kit can also be ordered without a battery and be used with your pre-existing batteries or locally-purchased batteries. Buy cheaper but heavier and lead-acid batteries from local stores without the the shipping surcharge and outfit them for mobile use with this option. Or, order without the case and convert any toolbox or mobile case into a portable power pack with this handy set of connections and power management components.

The electrical components included in every DIY Portable Power Pack Kit are:

  • 3 each 12/24V lighter sockets with waterproof caps
  • 3 each 20A panel mount circuit breakers
  • 3 each dual USB sockets (6 USB ports) with waterproof caps
  • 1 each Anderson 30/45A socket with 2 ports and waterproof cap
  • 2 each 45A panel mount circuit breakers
  • 1 set of Jumper terminals
  • 1 each 150A panel mount circuit breaker
  • 1 each digital power meter
  • 1 each battery cutoff switch
  • 1 each on-off Rocker Switch for the USB ports
  • 1 set 18″ Positive and Negative Battery connection cables
  • 10 AWG Connection wire for components
  • 1 each power distribution bus bar
  • DIY instructions

Tools, wire cutter/crimper and sauder/spade connectors not included.


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