DIY Portable Power Pack Kit


Kit with receptacles, cables, terminals, and components to turn any case into a power management system.


Product Description

The DIY Portable Power Pack Kit is everything necessary to build a portable power management system out of your own case. Convert any toolbox or mobile case into a portable power pack with this handy set of connections and power management components. Pair it with a truly powerful battery (we suggest the Firefly 12V G31) and you will have power storage at your fingertips.

The electrical components included in every DIY Portable Power Pack Kit are:

  • 3 each 12/24V lighter sockets with waterproof caps
  • 3 each 20A panel mount circuit breakers
  • 3 each dual USB sockets (6 USB ports) with waterproof caps
  • 1 each Anderson 30/45A socket with 2 ports and waterproof cap
  • 2 each 45A panel mount circuit breakers
  • 1 set of Jumper terminals
  • 1 each 150A panel mount circuit breaker
  • 1 each digital power meter
  • 1 each battery cutoff switch
  • 1 each on-off Rocker Switch for the USB ports
  • 1 set 18″ Positive and Negative Battery connection cables
  • 10 AWG Connection wire for components
  • 1 each power distribution bus bar
  • DIY instructions

Tools, wire cutter/crimper and sauder/spade connectors not included.

Additional Information

Electrical Components, Weight

1 kg (2.2 lbs)

Power Connections

3 each 12V / 24V 20A Lighter Sockets; 3 each Dual USB Sockets with Waterproof Caps (6 USB Sockets Overall); 1 each Anderson 30/45A Socket with 2 Ports and Waterproof Cap; 1 set of Jumper Terminals

Circuit Breakers

3 Each 20A (to 12V/24V Lighter Sockets)

Other Included

DIY Instructions