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12V 116Ah Carbon Foam AGM battery

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Firefly orders are non-refundable, any cancellations will be turned into store credit for use on other items. Orders are filled in order of arrival. Batteries come from Peoria, IL and may be shipped via palletized freight due to the weight of the battery. Delivery estimate is calculated at time of order and depends on the delivery location with a minimum estimate of 2-3 weeks from order to arrival. Pricing below includes import duties, brokerage and shipping to our Kelowna, BC warehouse. Depending on inventory levels, we reserve the right to drop ship from Illinois.  Every pallet order has an additional minimum packaging and handling fee of $64.00 – $150 USD that is passed on from Firefly directly.  Lead times are currently 1-2 weeks + shipping.

Firefly Oasis Group 31 Hybrid Multipurpose Battery! Carbon Foam Technology provides superior Performance without the temperature limitations and need for a BMS!

Lithium-Ion Performance
Firefly’s award-winning technology improves upon lead-acid batteries with unmatched performance and lifespan in deep charge and discharge cycling. Carbon Foam shares most of Lithium-Ions benefits over traditional Lead-Acid batteries for less than half the price.

  • LITHIUM-ION PERFORMANCE: Can be depleted to 100% DoD with full recovery.
  • BETTER TEMPERATURE RANGE THAN LI-ION: Can be charged and discharged from -20C to +50C and higher capacity retention in cold temperatures (69% of capacity at -18C vs. 40% of capacity for lead acid batteries)
  • LONG LIFE CYCLE: 3900 Cycles at 50% DOD; 1150 Cycles at 80% DOD
  • FAST CHARGING: 1C charging for a 1 Hour charge cycle.
  • Charges 30% faster than AGM batteries: Capture more of your solar generation and reduce fuel use because you won’t need to run your generator as long to charge your bank.
  • NO OFF-GASSING: Sealed battery that requires no maintenance. Safe for use in enclosed spaces in any orientation.
  • VIBRATION RESISTANCE: Carbon foam plates have a higher yield strength than lead plate and have high compression strength
  • LONG STORAGE: Highly resistant to sulfation during off-duty storage.
  • RECYCLABLE: Reduced amount of lead and 99% recyclable.
  • Lowest Cost Per Cycle over the Lifetime of the Battery compared to equivalent Deep-Cycle Batteries.
  • Two year shelf life.

The patented Microcell carbon foam design solves the leading causes of failure in lead-acid batteries by resisting sulfation and corrosion, making it a more reliable and longer lasting battery than any other lead-acid battery on the market.

The battery’s cells produce less localized corrosion and wear while utilizing active materials more effectively overall compared to a traditional cell. The long lifespan and low cost of the Carbon Foam batteries means every dollar stretches for the most cost-effective power storage available.

These batteries are best in their class for Kilowatt-Hour capacity, and with 100% Depth of Discharge, this powerful battery can compete with AGM batteries twice its size!

Partial State of Charge Resilience
The Carbon Foam battery can recover from partial state of charge abuse and extended storage in a discharged state without any loss of capacity.

These batteries are able to charge to 100% of their rated Amp-hour capacity even after weeks of battery abuse. They are able to operate for long periods of time in Partial State of Charge (PSOC) while still enjoying the most of their long life and high capacity.

Their excellent recovery from storage makes them the ideal battery for occasional excursions off-grid or for powering cabins which are only used for part of the year. Carbon Foam is the perfect solution for adventurers who are always on the move or for those who experience especially shady or rainy conditions. Fill up the batteries whenever the occasion strikes without losing any capacity.

Revolutionary Recharge
The Carbon Foam batteries are able to charge faster than competing AGM batteries thanks to their improved technology. They can be charged at a boggling 116 Amps: ten times higher than average.

These remarkable batteries are also capable of a fast discharge, capable of cold cranking 720 Amps despite being deep cycle batteries.

Field Tested
These batteries are non-gassing and require no maintenance, which make them the safer choice for marine and high temperature applications. Firefly’s Carbon Foam batteries are the well-tested superstars of the marine battery world.
In testing done by Rodd Collins of Compass Marine for Practical Sailor, the Firefly Oasis was the only AGM battery able to return to more than full capacity after a month of abuse in partial state of charge cycling.



Firefly Oasis vs Brand X
Learn more at Coastal Climate Control

Firefly Oasis PSOC Recharging

Read the Firefly Energy White Paper

Learn more in the Practical Sailor

Another field test by Nigel Calder proved similar results after an even longer period of time.

“In preliminary testing I worked the Firefly batteries hard in a real-world (onboard, while cruising off the west coast of Scotland) partial state of charge operation. The goal was to minimize engine run times and optimize electrical system performance in an ‘off-the-grid’ situation with limited recharging opportunities. The kind of operating regime I followed spells death for most lead-acid batteries. In contrast, after two months of intensive cycling, the Firefly batteries tested out with 100% of the capacity with which they started. These are encouraging results which, if substantiated over longer periods of time, represent a ‘game changer’ in terms of lead-acid technology and boat electrical systems design. I look forward to collecting more data.”

–Nigel Calder

Learn More in Professional BoatBuilder

Firefly Oasis batteries are suitable for uses with RVs and trailers, marine applications, defense, mining, transportation and vehicles, and off-grid housing.

Note: CAD prices include 7% Duty and all brokerage when shipped to Canadian addresses. Shipping is variable in Canada, please email [email protected] for a specific ship quote to your delivery address.

Note: Warranty on these batteries is from the manufacturer, Firefly Energy of Peoria, Illinois. Warranty is 3 years replacement, 3 years prorated. It is a PARTS ONLY warranty. If you need replacement batteries, you would be responsible for the shipping costs, to the factory for the returned batteries, and to your door for he replacement batteries as well as a $64 USD packaging and handling fee charged by Firefly to package up your replacement batteries. If you are in Canada, you will also be assessed by Canada customs 7% duty  and taxes on the value of the replacement batteries.  Azimuth Solar Products does not provide a warranty on these batteries and will not pay for shipping, duty, or tax on battery replacement.

Additional Information

Battery Type

VRLA AGM Gel with Microcell Carbon Foam

Nominal Capacity

116 Ah (1.39 kWh) @ 20 Hours

Max Charge Current


Max Charge Voltage


Internal Resistance

3.8 mΩ

Depth of Discharge

100% DOD

Partial State of Charge Cycling Efficiency

Ah: >97%; Wh: >90%

Operational Temperature

-20⁰C to 50⁰C (-4⁰F to 122⁰F)

Storage Temperature

-30⁰C to 50⁰C (-22⁰F to 122⁰F)

Shelf Life @ 25⁰C (77⁰F)

2 Years

Self Discharge

< 3% per Month

Life Cycle

3900 Cycles at 50% DOD; 1150 Cycles at 80% DOD

Reserve Capacity

225 min @ 25A; 57 min @ 75A

Cold Cranking Amps

720 Amps


34 x 23.8 x 17.2 cm (13.4 x 9.4 x 6.8")


33.5 kg (74 lbs)

Terminal Configuration

3/8 – 16 UNC



International Compliance

IEC 60896 – 21/22:2004; IEC 61427; IS 15549:2005; ISO 9001:2008; IEC 60095


Firefly International Energy Co.


6 Years Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Etc;) or RV/Marine; 3 Years Engine Starting or Over the Road Truck Hotel/Night

Spec Sheet

Charging Recommendations

Battery Brochure

Manufacturer Warranty

Users Manual

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