Flex Panel Stayput Fasteners


Toggle fasteners used to attach flexible panels to curved RVs, trailers, or canopy roofs without permanent glue.



*Price and sales are by single fastener each.

Toggle fasteners used to attach flexible panels to your curved RV, trailer, or canopy roof without permanent glue. Slightly raised position allows air flow for better performance.

Flexible panels are lightweight alternatives to standard glass modules that can be installed on campers that would otherwise not be able to support the weight of solar panels.

Using toggles rather than glue not only increases the performance of the panels. It also allows the panels to be taken inside for safekeeping when the camping season is over to prevent theft or extreme weather damage.

Available in composite or stainless steel, volume pricing is also available for these fasteners. Contact us at info@azimuthsolar.ca for more details.

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Composite, Stainless Steel


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