MPPT 30A Programmable Solar Charge Controller 12/24V for RVs MC2430

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30A MPPT Charge Controller MC2430N10

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Product Description

With industry-leading PowerCatcher MPPT technology, the MC series solar charge controller enables maximum energy tracking for solar panel. This technology allows the controller to quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of PV array in any environment, obtain the maximum energy of solar panel in real time, and significantly increase energy utilization efficiency of the solar energy system.
This product can be connected to an external LCD screen or Bluetooth communication module and PC Upper Computer for dynamic display of operating status, operating parameters, controller logs, control parameters, etc. The user can look up various parameters and can modify the control parameters as needed to suit different system requirements.
The controller adopts standard Modbus communication protocol, which is convenient for the user to view and modify the parameters of the system. Meanwhile, the company provides free monitoring software that can maximize the convenience for users to meet different needs of remote monitoring.
The controller provides overall electronic fault self-test and powerful electronic protection functions which minimize components damage due to installation error and system failure.

30A charge controller 12V / 24V  : Max PV Input: 400W/12V,  800W/24V

◆ A built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm can significantly increase energy utilization efficiency of the photovoltaic system, which is about 15% to 20%higher than traditional PWM charging.
◆ It provides an active charging voltage regulation feature. At battery open circuit or lithium battery BMS overcharge protection, the controller battery terminal will output the rated charging voltage value.
◆ MPPT tracking efficiency is up to 99.9%.
◆ Due to an advanced digital power technology, the circuit energy conversion efficiency is as high as 98%.
◆ Available in multiple battery types and support charging procedures of various types of batteries such as lithium battery, colloidal battery, sealed battery, vented battery, lithium battery, etc.
◆ A current-limited charging mode is available. When the power of solar panel is too large and the charging current is higher than the rated valve, the controller automatically reduces the charging power so that the solar panel can operate at the rated charging current.
◆ Support automatic identification of lead-acid battery voltage.
◆ External LCD screen or Bluetooth module can be connected for viewing of equipment operating data and status, and modification of controller parameters is supported.
◆ Support standard Modbus protocol to meet communication needs in different occasions.
◆ Built-in over-temperature protection mechanism ensures that when temperature exceeds the set value of the device, the charging current decreases linearly with the temperature, thereby reducing the temperature rise of controller and avoiding high temperature damage.
◆ Temperature compensation and automatic adjustment of charge and discharge parameters help to improve battery life.
◆ Solar panel short circuit protection, battery open circuit protection and TVS lightening protection etc.

Remote Meter Available.

Additional Information

Solar System Voltage

12V / 24V

Max Charging Current


PV Input Voltage


Max PV Input


Output Current


Battery Voltage

92V(25℃);100V(Lowest ambient temperature)

Max PP Voltage Range

(Battery voltage +2V) ~ 72V

MPPT Tracking Efficiency


Conversion Efficiency

≤ 98%

Enclosure Protection


Operating Temperature

-35⁰C to 45⁰C






5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Max wire diameter

10/7 mm²/AWG)


SRNE MC2430N10


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