RV 7-Way Male to Male Cable


Cable with male-to-male 7-way blade connectors.

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Product Description

Charge your RVs and trailers the easiest way possible.

Cable with two conductors and male 7-way blade connectors on each end. 7-way blade connectors are the kind found on the RVs, trailers, and cars near the hitch used for sharing power while towing. The male end is the RV or trailer end.

This cable can be used with the RV Connector Cable to adapt solar panels to connect to the vehicle end instead of the trailer end. Charge your car battery as needed, or alternate between solar charging your trailer and car batteries.

Enjoy the ultimate of plug & play experience during camping and off-grid living. Suitable for any vehicle with a 7-way towing connection including trailers, RVs, horse trailers, mobile disaster relief vehicles, and concession or catering trailers.

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144" (12')


2x 7-way Blade Connectors (Male/Trailer/RV End)