RV Connector Cable SAE to 7-Way


Cable with SAE and 7-way blade connectors to charge trailer batteries

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Product Description

Charge your RVs and trailers without the need of additional batteries or cables.

This invaluable cable has a standard 2-pin SAE connector on one end a 7-way connector on the other end. It connects as easily as plugging a trailer to a car end during travel. This allows solar generators to charge the batteries of motor homes and trailers directly without the hassle of configuring extra batteries and battery packs.

This cable can directly plug into the SAE connectors of certain charge controllers to charge the battery of an RV or trailer without having to reach the battery. Enjoy the ultimate of plug & play experiences during camping and off-grid living.

Replace gasoline generators with responsible solar power. No fuel storage or transportation, no fumes, no carbon monoxide, no fire hazard, no noise issues with neighbours, RV parks, park rangers, or wildlife.

Suitable for any vehicle with a 7-way towing connection, including trailers, RVs, horse trailers, mobile disaster relief vehicles, and concession or catering trailers.

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10, 8


144" (12'), 300" (25')


2-pin SAE and 7-way Blade Connector (Car/Vehicle End)

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