SAE Extension Cable – Variable Lengths


Extension cable for SAE connections.

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Product Description

Cable with SAE connectors on both ends. SAE connectors are 2-pin DC conductors with a hermaphroditic design to prevent reversed connections. It’s often used in solar panels, devices, charge controllers, and power packs.

AKA 2-pin trailer connector

Quick-release connection ends for items that are frequently connected and disconnected, for example, folding solar panels for an RV that are taken down when the RV is moving.

This extension cable can be used between solar panels and power management systems so panels can be mounted farther away.

Select AWG size, length, and bundling option. Not every option combination is available at this time. The greater the wire gauge, the greater the current the cable is capable of handling.

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Additional Information


Standard 2-pin SAE Connectors on Both Ends


10 AWG, 8 AWG


3 feet (36"), 12 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet

Spec Sheet for 25′ SAE Cable