ASP Sun Track Alignment Sight

Attachment to track the sun’s position to align solar panels

Product Description

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The Sun Track Alignment Sight: Instantly Maximize Solar Output with Precise Alignment.

The Sun Track Alignment Sight allows you to accurately position your panels for their highest power output. This simple and effective device can boost output over 40% from naked-eye positioning and allow you to predict the best alignment for tracking the sun. The sight projects a red dot onto a crosshair display which shows the sun’s position over a five hour period.


Simply line up the crosshairs to ensure full solar power production. Or position your panels for the best exposure over a five hour period without repositioning.

sun tracking infographic

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This device attaches onto the side of solar panels or frames with a clamp screw and a cushioning adhesive rubber pad. The screw can be opened to a maximum of 1.88 inches and the device requires no electrical draw or batteries to function.

Additional Information


4 x 4.5 x 4.5" (11.5 x 10.1 x10.1 cm)


1.12 lbs (0.51 kg)

Tracking Type



None required

Mounting Method

Clamp Screw with Adhesive Rubber Pad

Tracking Range

Range of 5 hours / 75 Degrees Solar Transit Arc

Primary Materials

UV-Resistant Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Body, Acrylic Lenses

Spec Sheet


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