Universal Post Mount & Panel Frame System

Post-mountable frame and support system for solar panels

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This semi-permanent mounting system for solar panels is designed to be mounted on posts of up to 4 inches (101 mm) in diameter. Unlike permanent panel mount installations on rooftops, this entire system can be easily dismounted and taken indoors to prevent solar panels being stolen or damaged in extreme weather.

Most post or roof mounted solar arrays are stationary and do not allow for easy re-positioning of solar panels. The Universal Post Mount & Panel Frame System can rotate 360 degrees and tilt for 2-axis movement. Users can easily follow the sun at just the right angle to maximize their output throughout the seasons or time of day.

This allows for seasonal or long-term mounting for cabins, medical/military/remote camps, and tiny homes. It is also suitable for tropical locations where the panels must be taken down for hurricanes or storms and reinstalled quickly after the weather has passed. This system is also ideal for mobile homes and RVs, where they can be taken inside during travel. The system can be set back up in minutes with no tools or hassle.

A wide range of solar panels can be adapted to fit onto this universal frame. Configurations can support single solar panels and upwards of 6 or even 8 panels, depending on models and sizes.


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