Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner


Portable low-noise compressor air conditioner that requires no installation.



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The revolutionary new portable air conditioner Zero Breeze is a low-noise cooling system that requires no installation.

Weighing only 12.8 lbs, it’s easy to carry with one hand, and an easy venting hose system allows for a simple drip-free use indoors without mounting on a window ledge.

This little marvel is a true compressor air conditioner, not a swamp cooler. It includes USB ports and a speaker to charge your phone or play music. An optional battery turns the zero breeze into a portable power pack and gives you the freedom to enjoy cool air wherever you air.

Includes short DC cable to run off trailer battery. Perfect for tent trailers, tents, and small campers including Bolers!

Optional lithium-ion battery available. Device can operate on 12V 15A DC power using a DIY cable. Two Aviation connectors are included with the Zero Breeze.

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