ASP T6000 HD Portable Power Pack 5656 Watt hours 3600W AC Peak


ASP T6000 Portable power pack in a rolling case with lithium-ion battery, AC & DC power outlets, and solar & AC charging.

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Product Description

The ASP T6000 Silent Generator is a mobile, high-power, portable, heavy-duty charging unit that allows you to plug-in and power equipment on the go.

This unit packs a whole lot of power in a small package – 5656 Watt Hours!

Our li-ion portable power packs are the perfect power bank for campers, cabins, RVs, tiny houses, remote worksites, event first aid and communications tents, off-grid interior workspaces, film and emergency backup and disaster power.

Home backup power when the grid goes down!

Run your refrigerator or deep freeze up to 2 weeks without a recharge

The smaller ASP2000 and ASP3000 power banks are suitable for use in home and office backup power, cabin and recreational power usage. The more robust wheels and casing of the T3000 and T6000 units are suitable for construction sites, search and response, remote work camps, and disaster recovery.

Power when you need it, where you need it, from the Westcoast Trail to prospecting in the Yukon to Remote Off-Grid Construction!

  • No generator noise.
  • No carbon monoxide.
  • No fuel storage or transport.
  • Safe to use indoors.

These banks can be recharged from grid or generator AC power using the supplied AC charger or you can recharge from solar using your own panels, or with our matched folding solar panel kits.

The robust suitcase design comes equipped with an extendable handle and wheels for easy transport.

The T3000 and T6000 Power Packs have an optional LED Worklight kit that is perfect for indoor fuel-free, carbon monoxide-free construction, first aid tent, and work camp lighting. No risk of propane gas poisoning.

Charge quickly (7 hours) using the included 10A AC charger (max 15A charging) or using up to 1080W of solar power at 72A (not included).

T3000 and T6000 Overview:

Lower cost per kWh than Goal Zero Yeti, Renogy Lycan, and Inergy Kodiak

This convenient power station includes not only a high-quality lithium-ion battery, but a built-in pure sine wave inverter with AC power outlets and multiple types of DC outlet ports. Easily store use power wherever you want, however you want.

Excellent for recreational, commercial or emergency use in the field.

    • 51.8V 109.2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (5656 Watts Power Storage)
    • Pure Sine Inverter 1500W Continuous Rated Power & 3600W Surge Power
    • 1080W Max Solar Input (72A)
    • 1000 Cycles at 70% D.O.D.
    • -20° to 60°C Working Temperature
    • only 34 kg / 84 lbs
    • Built-in AC & DC Charging
    • 2 AC plugs for use with power bars, 48V 3A DC socket, 12V 10A Car lighter DC socket, USB adapter, 48V 50A socket, LED light connector

Add four or eight 100 Watt glass or flexible solar panels or two or four of the 245W glass solar panels on a rooftop or frame for 72V solar charging with a charge controller.

For a Completely Portable System, Add Two to Four 210W Folding Solar Panels and a Charge Controller for a system you can Take Anywhere!

Links to our Youtube videos on this power bank.


See the downloads tab for examples of solar charging kits to charge your power bank from solar. These can be added at checkout. 420 Watt Folding Solar Charging Kit and 840 Watt Folding Solar Charging Kits are available.

Add a 30′ extension cable for hooking up your power bank to your charge controller or you can make a DIY cable by adding the aircraft connector to your shopping cart!

*Note this product ships ground freight only because of the li-ion batteries.

Additional Information

Battery Storage

51.08V 109.2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (5656 Watts Power Storage)

Type of battery


Life Cycle of Battery

>1000 Cycles at 70% DoD

Max solar input

1080W Max Solar Input at 72V (minimum Voltage is 72V to charge from solar)

Charge Controller

not included

Output ports

2 AC plugs for use with power bars, 48V 3A DC socket, 12V 10A Car port DC socket w USB adapter, 48V 50A socket, LED light connector

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Output

1500W Continuous Rated Power & 3600W Surge Power

Output Power

AC Pure Sine Wave 110V / 60Hz
DC 12V 10A
DC 48V 50A

AC Charger

Yes, 10A charger included, not integrated. Max AC Charging rate is 15A.


34 kg / 84 lbs * has rugged case, wheels and collapsible handle


22×17.7×7.87" (560x450x200 mm)

Power Bank Specifications Comparison

ASP T3000 and 6000 Flyer

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