PowerMax PM3-55LK 12V 55A Charger


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The PowerMax PM3-55LK is a 12V 55A charger that allows you to charge Lead Acid, AGM, Lead Carbon, Silicon Dioxide, and Lithium Ion batteries via either the 3 stage battery charge profile or the adjustable voltage mode which are changed by the flick of a switch. The unit also allows for DC loads to be used while charging. Clean DC output will keep your loads working perfectly resulting in longer life. With no AC ripple, there will be no static or premature failure of television or radio equipment. The PM3-55LK provides protection against transient and low AC line voltage along with spikes from the AC input or improperly adjusted generators, all of which are major causes of failure in converter/chargers. By minimizing radio and television equipment, especially in the lower frequency bands, this unit meets the criteria of F.C.C Class B. The built in fan will activate to prevent thermal stress and protect internal components during high load conditions. External fuses on the back of the charger are easily replaceable and protect the unit against improper wiring.

*Does not do a desulfation sequence for lead acid batteries*

Specifications: Features:
Dim (LxWxH): 10.75 x 7.75 x 3.5 Advanced Switch-mode Design
Actual Weight: 7 Short Circuit Protection
Ship Weight: 8.0 Over Current Protection
AC Input: 105 – 135 VAC Over Voltage Protection
AC Input: 47 – 63 Hz Demand Sensing
Output Bulk: 14.6 VDC Fan Cooling
Output Absorption: 13.6 VDC Line Regulation
Output Float: 13.2 VDC Thermal Protection
Output Amps: 55 A Adjustable Power Supply Mode
Temperature: 0 to 45C Power Supply 13 – 16.5 VDC
Max AC Draw: 11 A
Approval: UL, cUL
Warranty: 2 Years