Remote Meter RM5 for SRNE ML Series Charge Controller ML2430 ML2440 ML4830 ML4860


RM5 Remote Meter for SRNE Charge Controllers ML2430 ML2440 ML4830 ML4860

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Product Description

SRNE Remote Meter RM5 for ML Series Charge Controller

Remote Meter for ML2430 ML2440 ML4830 ML4860

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  1. Has an 128*64 LCD screen, with the menus designed with numeric and graphic forms.
  2. With a graphical design, the main menu has an easy to ready display , it can display up to 10 parameters and states.
  3.  Able to read the historical data of a certain day.
  4. A low-power-consumption BLE4.0 feature enables more powerful functions when pairing with a mobile APP (optional).
  5. Employs two indicator lights to indicate controller abnormalities and communication errors respectively.
  6. Features a controller abnormality voice alarm function which can be switched on/ off.
  7. A backlight time setting function is available.
  8. Able to monitor live data and operating statuses of the controller. On/ off switching, clearing of historical data and restoring to factory settings can all be done with this unit.
  9. Adoption of standard Modbus communication protocol.
  10. Features standard RJ12 as the communication interface.
  11. With no need of an external power source, connection with a controller by means of a data cable will be enough to enable the unit to be powered .
  12. Boasts an industrial grade design and excellent anti-interference capacity, the product can function well in various tough conditions.

Model RM-5

Additional Information

Operating Temperature

-35⁰C to 65⁰C


11.5*11.5cm (4.56 x 4.56')


.5 kg (1 lbs)


5 Year manufacturer warranty

RM5 user manual

Unboxing Video:

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