RV Kit: 200W Flexible PET Solar Panels w 800W AC Pure Sine Inverter & Charge Controller + Accessories

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RV Kit: 200W Flexible PET Solar Panels w 800W AC Pure Sine Inverter & Charge Controller + Accessories

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Product Description

Do you have a small trailer or RV that doesn’t already have AC and solar in it, but would like to have an all in one system, that will take up the least amount of space and simplify your wiring?

Perfect for RVs, Vintage Trailers (like Bolers, Scamps and Casitas), cabins, tiny homes, cottages.

Kit includes:

  • 2 x 100W Flexible Solar Panel – PET
  • 1 x  SPG800 12V 30A, 800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, AC Charger and 30A charge controller
  • AC NEMA plug and cord to plug into AC power to charge your batteries from any 3-prong power outlet.
  • Cables and Aligator clips to hook up to your batteries.
  • Cable entry gland
  • 1 pr 2:1 MC4 Branch Connectors
  • 2 x 25′ 10AWG Cables with MC4 Ends
  • 2 x 3W LED light and cable with on-off switch. (equivalent to a 40W bulb)

Optional Accessories (not included):

  • 8 Stayput Anchor Clips
  • Carry Bag for 1-2 PET Flexible Solar Panels
  • 1 Tube Sikaflex 252 White Sealant

100W Flex Panels – PET

A 100W flexible solar panel that can flex and curve for concave or convex surfaces. This panel is fully waterproof and can be easily wiped clean of any dirt. Mounting the panel in a curved position can even increase the amount of sun exposure the panels enjoy throughout the day without being repositioned.

A flexible panel can be fixed to the top of a curved roof on an RV or motorhome without any complicated mounting equipment, extra weight or drag going down a highway. Mounting the panel is easy and inexpensive; it can be fixed in place with screws, cords through grommets, or glue.

This lightweight panel can still be used on a flat surface with it being easier to set up, transport, and store without having to worry about dropping or shattering the glass of a traditional panel. Its light weight is perfect for mobile and portable applications.

This panel can be glued to your roof with Sikaflex silicon sealant, or clipped to your roof with Stayput fasteners. This panel has grommet holes.

Includes MC4 connectors. Panel is high quality mono-crystalline silicon.

SPG800 3 in 1 Pure Sine Wave Inverter, AC Charger and Solar Charge Controller

This 3-in-1 combines an 800W pure sine wave inverter, AC Battery Charger and charge controller (to connect your Solar Panels to your batteries)

Perfect for compact off-grid plug & play. It includes three different types of AC and DC output ports for directly powering devices and appliances. It also manages power to effectively and safely charge batteries from DC sources like solar panels, or can charge batteries as an AC charger through utility power.

Includes a display with a DC on/off switch, two USB 5V out ports, and four DC 12V out ports. Two universal outlet sockets can be used to plug in household appliances exactly like power outlets in a home. The 800W Mini creates pure sine waves for the most reliable AC power possible. 800W of continuous Power, 1600W of surge!

Powerful enough to run your fridge, trailer lights and music!

All generators, including solar, naturally create DC power. But any household electronics with plugs to connect to outlets run off AC power and must be converted by an inverter at the appropriate frequency before use with off-grid generated power. The Off-Grid Mini is an excellent solution for drawing power out of a battery to keep your crucial electronics running in a blackout. Take it camping or adventuring to keep the comfort of any of your household electronics wherever you roam.

This compact system works excellently in the field where space is at a premium! It can be connected to any solar panels up to 40A / 480W at 12V.

Work with AGM  / Flooded Lead Acid Batteries.

More info about the SPG800 3 in 1 800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter /AC Charger/Solar Charger

Double Entry Cable Gland

A waterproof double entry gland made for cables 2mm to 6mm to prevent water from disrupting your cable installation. Made from ABS plastic, measuring at 5″ long, 4″ wide, and 1.6″ high. Cable sits .5″ off the roof.

Optional Add on Accessories:

Fabric Heavy-Weight Bag for 1-2 Flexible Solar Panels.

Stayput Fasteners

Toggle fasteners used to attach flexible panels to your curved RV, trailer, or canopy roof without permanent glue. Slightly raised position allows air flow for better performance.

Flexible panels are lightweight alternatives to standard glass modules that can be installed on campers that would otherwise not be able to support the weight of solar panels.

Using toggles rather than glue not only increases the performance of the panels. It also allows the panels to be taken inside for safekeeping when the camping season is over to prevent theft or extreme weather damage.

Made of black composite plastic.

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