RV Kit: 210W Folding ETFE Solar Panels w 15A MPPT Charge Controller + Accessories


RV Kit: 210W Folding Solar Panels w 15A Charge Controller + Accessories

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Product Description

Do you have a small trailer or RV that doesn’t already have AC and solar in it, but would like to have an all in one system, that will take up the least amount of space and simplify your wiring?

Perfect for RVs, Vintage Trailers (like Bolers, Scamps and Casitas), cabins, tiny homes, cottages.
THIS IS A HIGH POWERED PANEL – 5.83A @ 36V Output for Faster charging

Don’t fall for look alike cheaply made products. This is a very high quality panel with exceptional charging ability. 

Kit includes:

  • 1 x 210W Folding Solar Panel EFTE
    5′ SAE cables and carry case
  • 15A MPPT Charge Controller
  • Thru-wall SAE Connector

210W Folding Solar Briefcase 

  • Portable and easy to setup with corner grommets.
  • size is 61x31x.1″ (155x78x.3cm), folding size (15.75x31x.6″ (40x78x1.5 cm).210W folding solar panel
  • Includes 1.5 Meter / 5′ cable and SAE connectors
  • ETFE Coating for maximum durability
  • Carry straps and handle for easy transport.

Four 52.5W panels (3×6 array of cells in each panel) monocrystalline solar panels for 210 Watts and well over 1kbh of power production per day. The four lightweight solar blanket panels fold into a single small rectangle. When folded out the panels can be attached to any surface with the corner grommets.
This solar panel system is an extremely portable and easy to set up alternative to a full generator system.

More info on 210W Folding Solar Panels

 15A MPPT Charge Controller 12V/24V

    • This compact 15A charge controller is a high quality MPPT charge controller rated for >99% efficiency and features an improved charging algorithm which supports 12V and 24V. It has a solar panel input capacity of 12V 200W or 24V 400W.
    • This controller is set up with the default output from the LED Auxiliary to be always on. This setting can be overridden with the remote controller (not included) if desired. This controller is also available without SAE connections
    •  Features True MPPT Functions, significantly improving the solar panel’s energy utilization ratio (efficiency)
    • 15A maximum charging and load currents
    • Maximum solar panel open circuit voltage <60V
    • IP68 outdoors rated, waterproof system and durable metal casing for comprehensive protection against weather
    • Compatible with lead-acid, gel, silicon dioxide, carbon foam or lithium-ion batteries (when programmed with the optional remote)
    • Large array of protection measures, such as overheat, reverse polarity, short circuit and overload.
  • Some packages offer a 10A PWM charge controller. With technology like that,  you will loose between 10 an 25% of your panel’s power which means that your panel will only be performing like a 150W panel.

More info: 15A MPPT Charge Controller